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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  April 3, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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changes in the higher echelons of power as prime minister said this meant that has resigned according to the law the whole structure the government has also resigned its functions falling the prime minister dr has held consultations with the leaders of the lower house of parliament the ocean the sand to which the president announced a candidacy for the post of the new prime minister the head of state and the government for its work no team has completed all the tasks ahead of sin offering the candidacy of the most emo was heading the presidential administration to the post of prime minister. leaders of
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parliamentary factions approved the president's decision making the experience and professional skills of was the scene. the following event is included in the year of the lower house of parliament so that is unmatched presented the candidacy of the new prime minister the chairperson for the election is convinced he's the president stressed that the experience of famous line up will be very useful in teaching the main goals of june to thirteen was developed economies in the world. previously mr russell has worked as the head of government for more than five and half years and understands all the aspects of this challenging work the group two one two record was put to a citizen of heaven is to work to the best of their strength experience and a leaky but it's not enough now pronounce it is storming back in two thousand seventy thousand dying to national positions in terms of the economy and politics absolutely unpredictable. now we need that certain measures with deep knowledge of the financial economic situations that only the country but in the world famous he has the experience of working during a time of the crisis and all the money has been used in a night out
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without entering a recession the whole world experience negative tendencies but we managed to stay in the clear said persuaded him to come back. there was a time when he asked for time off in a year to have to arrest that he can proceed to use the experience that he has with the who resumed business is also committed to the semi fit into the city so the parliament in a state of the deputies about the resignation of the government headed by sick man of the president once again the death of anna also noted that under current circumstances. new approaches eric was pretty effective realization of the potential of the country and in accordance with a constitution proposed the parliamentarians the candidacy of a new prime minister can extend such decisions are not always easy to make me need to look at it from all sides. therefore in accordance with the constitution i'm introducing the candidacy of miss enough to be considered for the post i believe that the candidacy of cutting the scene is the most suitable to ensure the effective functioning of
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the government to enjoying the new fiesta already knows everything. his work beside me your deputies and asking for the consent of the sheets that's true members of the shootings unanimously approved the scheme as candidacy to the coast of the head of government and most of them to survive even have the time to show the new prime minister his office president of catholics and the four thousand dr has instructed the minister of internal affairs to ensure security during major events that take place in kazakh stand. some of the information of the current situation in the country measures to strengthen the fight against crime as naming someone ordered according to the head of the ministry this year the ministry of internal affairs of his more than three hundred and thirteen thousand applications and ninety five percent of them were considered within a period of three days now the guardians of the implementing the instructions of the president to strengthen control over road safety. in addition the police has intensified its work on the permission of the society
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of the principle of zero tolerance towards offences mushrooms were new. the video for you. the fences need to be punished when they had been jogging taking care of a number of being sick he says people should know that any minor violation of the law will be punished. this is what i always say. that isn't true for abortion. my husband whom falling or to two point six million offences were identified last year in accordance with a zero tolerance policy defines reach seventeen daily intended and ten million were recovered as a result the number of great offenses has gone down. today most of the surviving the vice president of sending people to cast extent can the secret to getting to the platform on the team. the main topic of discussion is a preparation for the procession descended people of cows extent people which is the step to take as accent when speaking to a culture of peace brutality in
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harmony with the colors on the four hundred and six delegates from all their use of the country will participate in the event of a preteen as american agencies representatives of diplomatic missions and religious associations have also been invited to section three two percent of the google search it's comparable to the gym on activities that were conducted last year were deported on and into the head of state. we had more than ten thousand events in addition it was reported about the progress of the preparation and organization for the clippers session of the assembly and twenty two year anniversary of this assembly is this huge sum decree of the president of catholics an item or two random inspections of small and medium size businesses entered into force on second of april. it'll be active until the end of this year the measure was taken to improve the conditions of doing business in the territory of the republic in addition on january first of two thousand fifteen plant inspections will also be canceled. only businesses with a high chance of violating the law will be under control. if a small or medium size business intact
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if it goes all the requirements of the lot it should not be subject to inspections. going the decision i believe that this is a timely decision anything is of the policy business development center in kansas and continues to be implemented and it is graded for example the company today has been notified that inspection committee that inspections are discontinued due to the release presidential decree. of course all inspections to cut labor resources and also distract us from the court directed the development of business and now have the opportunity to focus on improving our business activities. difficult. it is no water is going the direction of the selected image at a speed of nearly eight kilometers per hour this was reported in a special press conference in emergency department the that region. rescuers imported and that measures being taken in the region to prevent emergency situation connected to the overflow and among the melting of snow there
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sixteen hundred technical object in the region. half of them are private. according to emergency services all efforts and financial xii ready to face the big bloggers the dams had been inspecting an artificial barriers and being strengthened in places where there is the highest possibility of distractions to look son already has at its disposal thirty minutes and students and one hundred people are employed large industrial enterprises are helping cause scenario and then observation is going on she was missing. we're expecting an inflow of water which is coming directly from the city's reservoir with a speed of more than two million cubic meters per hour is expected in about two or three hours according to monitoring activities the intensity of the melting water has decreased receive this information from the senate as prisoner want to be intense and melting of snow occurred due to the abnormally warm temperatures for this period the year of law that weather forecasters have recorded a historical high air temperature outside is plus twenty six degrees celsius at them. this is not happen in the northern region since
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nineteen thirty six the powerful blast occurred in the center of all in french interior ministry building as a result six police officers were killed several people were injured the explosives carried out by suicide bombers growing tensions in afghanistan over the recent weeks an associate of the president simon is that the elections as scheduled pre booked it the representatives of the bottom of movement announced that they were going to disrupt the vote in the late last week gunmen attacked the building in the central election commission couple at a hotel or foreigners stayed on the issue to go to the explosion occurred in front of the interior ministry building in this situation doesn't change a thing that people want to go to paul's i'm asking the police to strengthen security during the elections the deputy head of the criminal department was in metropolitan areas brigadier general take on the indie week was killed as a result of the explosion in cairo according to the community officers of the ministry of internal affairs were injured two homemade explosive devices block with a slight difference in time and out of
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the square in front of the cairo university according to preliminary reports to identify persons placed explosives under a tree near the university gardens the bombs were exploded at the moment when a group of senior police officer standing in a tree at kennedy were the main target in attack in recent months the agent has been hit by a series of attacks the radical group on sunday these claimed responsibility for the majority of them the bloodiest of them occurred in december last year when a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb near the police department in them and select students and people were killed in that incident. according to well known kazakh journalist in scotland is an excellent name of catholics in russia and other esteemed the region union considering the bullets out situation the world. he was personally acquainted with the eminent historian him enough whose writings form the basis of the race to protect the overseer of the fourteen who don't smoke at the genesis of the bias here the new google can
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legally renewal. i knew you guys can know for ten years once i asked him what the region as a means to him he told me that in your mind to two hundred cattle on top is this the people of the other is the tricky but it is one of the scene can now this is a history of many decades. what separates these two pumps the camera guys you won't or don't do one too twenty years ago president assad thousand back to the florida moscow state university and during a speech for the first time announced a deal the eurasian union. this is the starting point in the way towards the racial integration sixty countries a customs union and the recent single economic space had been established the president also doesn't match the stadium during communion. at that time many people asking about this initiative including me with this idea may you receive comes from some questions arose after the collapse of the soviet union are all the states now completely separate independent or more there's still some common unity which existed in
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the times in the city. disney and unification possible according to prison and has extent this is an engineering staff with the hoover up. you think of a nuclear war the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said the beginning of two thousand fourteen the number of our credit cards and presents and decreased with twenty seven with nine thousand. as i think the kids at the ports credit cards fell into so called seasonal cold. however experts are confident of causing changes in the pacific in the market will be notable already the second and third what is that this year at the moment second tier banks are offering to the city's new products and services in particular the service cash flow is gaining popularity this service allows a partial copy of the credit card accounts during the conduct of regular
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transactions. one reason this was also to some other government initiatives of trying to get into machines and then bringing in a much more. current system of payments in the economy slow growth or legislated the real change comes when the people want to change the weather forcing lenders to two separate parts and parcel of the person gets my back eventually competition brings out. specialists know that in the sacred heart like it is the most developed in our lives he says sounding capital series gt point six percent for two hundred and twenty six thousand of all the credit cards used in the country. next is the final two point three percent to twenty thousand in other regions comprise a little over nine percent. six and has increased its export of refined copper and on versus copper alloys the timing generation that grew from fourteen to thirty four point nine thousand tonnes worth two hundred and thirty nine point two million us dollars. in comparison to the same period last year the squad he's eleven point
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nine percent higher. as reported by the customs control committee because the ministry of finance capital but he's a report citing the music is the fuss about the growth of the fed has decreased its exquisite up rejecting the bridge to the super team to forty six thousand tonnes which is a twenty two point five percent decrease from the previous year. now the largest buyers of cows offense crawford china turkey and great britain. consumer confidence index of the economy of the year so during the month of march this year increased by one point two points and rate now stands at one hundred and two point four points exceeded analysts' forecasts. the dean of the european commission survey shows that the rising indicators of economic sentiment is connected with a greater confidence of the consumers. the suit by news agency reports the rise of the sixth of march two thousand for team is the most significant since april of two thousand and nine the report of the european commission states that the increase in consumer confidence towards the service and retail sectors the white moderate flood the data for the industry construction
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sector's overall showed no significant changes in comparison with the dictators of the triptych thousand fourteen. the us economy requires there to support from the federal reserve system. this was stated by the fake chairwoman janet yemen as red as a guest reports that plans to conduct a bond repurchase with the amount of thirty billion dollars also the genteel and stated that the current economic conditions do not provide a stable employment and inflation rates. aside from the high number of the unemployed back into wage levels is also being observed at the moment the fed is trying to avoid debt expenses and create jobs places for the unemployed to the program upon purchasing the fabric two thousand fourteen the unemployment rate in the us rose to six point seven percent the highest level in two thousand and nine comprise ten percent the russian ministry of finance forecasts of six percent inflation rate for the current year earnings forecast at five point five percent. i love the main factors for this reassessment
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is a significant weakening of the ruble which is the end of the bird fell by seven percent against the us dollar against the euro as if the classrooms a kiss to fourteen seven thousand for teaching me to read proust is your point seven percent from the beginning of the year if that theory i have reached a crisis in the country rose by one point three percent. eye
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eye. and. and. the recent
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economic stimulus package
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the obama administration has pledged three point four billion dollars toward smart grid technology. this technology will help stabilize the power grid in the end of the failure to incorporate alternative energies. vastly improve overall efficiency. a smart grid delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using digital technology to save energy costs. a thousand state and city conducted by unison. you tend to seize control. build on alarmingly high. it was to buy tickets deals. at approximately one to go. in eighteen eighty six east. when he was going to be the best imaginable that. in response to government in reaching its end she listens to both times he had taken more seriously she's institute. want to create
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sierra tower. she has won the senior counsel has been prosecuting individuals to buy two contracts. waxing is specifically designed the company states to get it at least she tries to get enough evidence to take a six x eps to return to the high court oh well. how stable two parent home and had to be because it cannot be saying so. the feminists. we discuss the case when this happens it's hard not to talk or say whatever happened to them. he is the key benefits. it demonstrates to us what happened. his passion successful prosecutions are in a long difficult process the state strategy. lisa said that the unions to tackle a piece to be too spicy and sweet equal place
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it was in custody to be placed in child protection and teens. kiwi involvement is crucial. children are denied their pieces protecting children in his pac shakur and tradition bound kingdom remains a challenge. get these initiatives time to make a difference. even in the late innings. she operations but a real strain on the environment should check on the fuel water and shelter documents. which is expensive and potentially destructive to the environment. michigan and its stock can see the benefits for themselves and the community. probably should be bargains as the changing environment to execute its use is in force and security organizations makes it encourages the nation to provide troops and equipment to comply with laws and environmental
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management. cherries are the luckiest me a good road manners in any country improving efficiency would have clear benefits. saving the money on your work reducing national carbon emissions and improving the reins and effectiveness of all forces in the field of course it's difficult to come to true priorities against that part the sorry if that makes when he forces to pretend that these tools can give hundred pounds. it is water. those seem to be controlled. what's the big easy feat. we checked in to revel in it. and what we do but demanded to hear so what began as a sham when i get the picture. i was eight
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the win. short. she's such a psychic disposing of toxic materials preventing leaks and ensure that the play school system is a pic of the population. environmental management of such facilities the company said it looks on as many of its supplies from local sources as possible cardboard. bring on the problem so because when you buy the ticket queue was quite quickly the carbonation. why care about it. was it the cost of producing cells. so this weekend was one of the city feels as if he bought from post traumatic that you buy locally. you see martin few years due to changes in just a chain and man it's win win situation. this was
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the center sorry i was a perfect example of its environmental management rights. the summit itself was handed over to nato forces at the end of hostilities in bosnia and herzegovina. at that school has an affinity for states to contribute to the place to meet the war the emptiness the seventh and eighth in a playful multinational force. use these buildings is the headquarters. the three disc set about cleaning up the area. now has been handed to local authorities returning to his former role as a pop with families can enjoy themselves on a sunday afternoon. it should be doing you mean i've made. though you know it'll be. recent environmental security
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matters is that it's about winning the respect of the local population whatever military base such as this is established operation where it was impossible boss or afghanistan. everybody realizes it's not forever once we create the platform of security we have over the civilian authorities really. we are guests in the country. ultimately we will be charged. not just dont know what we do our military mission. but her response leaving manager presents. that's what's important environmental concerns are at the heart of her with manager presence in this country as a she's a cross post you'd have to go camping and get back to the civil authorities. these policies ensuring that was offering an example the construction operations across the flooded. indonesia agreed to enter into a partnership to support indonesia's efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation
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and degradation forests and pea plants. norway will contribute one billion us dollars over the next few years for this effort. i guess i have demonstrated the need to be. it uses the stamp to create two d three d structures the smallest fifty nine he was active with the reduced cost and complexity. he's cutting technique. these new prospects. taking an inside electronics and objects in fields ranging fromedicine ands this home. scientists from ibm bea systems unit explains that the weekend the upgrade to windows. it is. also it
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has been with us. he gets that. when we are fortunate to get this straight yes that is. and for it. does this this is what we did three sets of body photo the team could eat it too would not rule and to think three d packages. this is what materials to teach us to complete three d map of the wells. only twenty two and after much protest was sitting on the continent. he signs a thousand well that's it it's from a grain of salt in a twenty one thousand meters of altitude correspond to the eight men and the tears. it is composed of five hundred thousand pixels each measuring twenty nine
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amicus plan. it was a tasting of the ten minutes and twenty three seconds. the second twenty five men in the high street even occur to them at will. the swiss mountains this was one thousand four hundred and seventy eight is the script it in the direction of god's representatives and one to five pm. these achievements were taken in scientific journals. materials and science respectively. ibm scientists rules do he explains that aha moment sitting in my adult students there were some of the stocks you can use humor as well. instead they sent me some even offers three the intense look much different from what was expected i think that change
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suspense. so i asked him to put some different options also there's quite a spread walks toward the altar to the met office has reduced its history the dimensions this was quite a while i was on top of it. it is a house being treated myself to him i didn't mention in touch with the ancient extinct was out to slp. it's all going to stop it. qb. i will go home the scanning tunneling microscope in nineteen eighty one. when the economic side one also. www. anything works. sells. steve. shh shh
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the end. the theater. it issued tuesday. most of the people there the moves and skills. every year the news and nice. they don't even know it. with the future holds. they are taking that route


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